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Continuing Care/ Periodontal Maintenance Program
Joy Thurman, RDH; Margie Thomas, RDH; & Rebecca Santos, RDH. 

Our Continuing Care/ Periodontal Maintenance program is an organized sequence of office procedures and treatments designed to help you maintain oral health by the early detection and treatment of oral disease. Hand in hand with this we also incorporate patient education regarding oral disease and prevention, as well as, the dental scaling and polishing that make up the regular cleanings which we provide. All of these things fall under the category of Preventive Dentistry, which we consider to be very important.

Our Continuing Care Program is detailed, comprehensive, and set up with your best interests in mind. Early diagnosis and treatment of problems is practicing prevention which usually makes treatment more successful and helps keep your personal and insurance costs down.

There is a specific structure and organization to the sequencing of each patientís individual Continuing Care Program which includes:

Cleaning your teeth, examination for pathology including cancer, examinations for periodontal disease (gum disease), evaluation of your bite and joint (TMJ), X-rays to evaluate the teeth, check the bone for pathology, and to monitor periodontal bone loss around the teeth, evaluation of esthetics to address any of your concerns or needs for cosmetic treatment like bleaching/ bonding/orthodontics/surgery. Evaluate your needs for tooth replacement through dentures, bridges, and placement of implants. We provide Oral Hygiene Instruction. And, we currently provide each patient a brush, floss, and other aids for cleaning at no extra charge to our patients. And of course, we check for tooth decay.

The timing for these procedures is different for each patient, but we try to do all of these things at least twice each year and usually they are done more frequently. The hygienist will do a screening exam at each visit, and, most patients are scheduled for an exam with the doctor on alternating appointments. If the patient comes every six months, the doctor will do an exam once a year. If a patient has special needs and comes in every three months, then they are scheduled two exams each year. When we schedule time for the doctor to examine a patient, we charge for this time in the form of an examination fee. The doctor frequently will see patients more often than this for brief, unscheduled exams when the hygienist sees something in their mouth which needs a diagnosis; or, if the patient has an area of concern. Please let the hygienist know if there is an area or a condition in your mouth you are concerned about. They will call in the doctor to talk with you and do a clinical exam. Hygienists are capable of screening a patient for decay, oral cancer, and of course periodontal problems, but they do not have the training, nor can they take the responsibility, to diagnose and create a treatment plan for a patient.

Insurance Benefits

Every insurance plan is different, but most have similar coverage for your Continuing Care visits. Most benefit plans will cover two cleanings and two examinations each year. Most plans will cover routine screening X-rays (BiteWing X-rays) once each year and a full mouth set of X-rays every 3-5 years. These parameters are fine for many patients, but, there are also many people who have treatment needs exceeding their insurance benefits. It is important to us that you understand both your treatment and the cost of your treatment. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, your treatment needs or recommendations, or any of our fees, please ask.


Your regular appointments for Continuing Care/Periodontal Maintenance are part of an effective system for maintaining oral health over your lifetime. It has been repeatedly demonstrated in research studies that patients who are faithful with their 3, 4, or 6 month cleaning/exam regimens retain their teeth longer and maintain healthier gums. These regular visits are an important part of each patientís program for prevention. Rescheduling or missing these regular appointments will delay the treatment you need to stay healthy. Our practice is organized to help you stay organized for these appointments. Your next appointment is made in person when you are in the office for your current appointment; a postcard reminder is sent two weeks ahead of time for Continuing Care appointments; and, you will receive a phone call a day or two ahead to confirm appointment times. It is difficult for the staff to administer the schedule and to stay organized if appointment times are missed or rescheduled, so, we want you to keep your appointments as they have been scheduled, or, to give us plenty of notice if you need to change an appointment. We would greatly appreciate 48 hours notice if you need to change an appointment time. That will give us the opportunity to give your time slot to another patient. If you call us to change at the last minute or just fail to keep the appointment, you will be charged a fee. We realize that problems do occasionally occur at the last minute and we will try to work with you, but, please realize that missed or broken appointments increase the costs of providing dental care.


It is important to the doctor and all of the staff to maintain a well-organized program of Continuing Care/Periodontal Maintenance that will benefit you. We have a well-trained professional staff that cares about you and we will have adequate time scheduled to take care of your needs. Please take advantage of us. Following our Continuing Care Program should reward you with a lifetime of good oral health in Function, Comfort, and Aesthetics. We look forward to serving you.


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