Your initial dental examination in our office will include an oral cancer exam, blood pressure check and necessary X-rays. Such X-rays allow us to discover developing tumors, cysts, painless abscesses and the 35% of decay otherwise not visible to the naked eye. We are proud of our state of the art machines and techniques for minimizing exposure to radiation.

Diagnosis and necessary treatment may be explained to you at this first visit or at a second visit, depending on the complexity of the required treatment.

Service is our priority. We know filling out forms is never fun! But taking the time to complete the Health Questionnaire & Personal Information/ Insurance Sheets allows us to serve you better.

Financial Policy

After your examination and diagnosis, a complete description of the needed treatment and an estimate of the cost will be provided. To help us in our efforts to keep down the costs of your dental care, we ask that you make full payment for your visit on the day you are seen.

If your treatment program requires several visits, or if you have special needs or circumstances, please discuss financial arrangements with the staff prior to your appointment. Our administrative staff will be pleased to assist you in selecting, from our payment options.

Fees for treatment are payable at that appointment. If you have insurance coverage, the amount payable may be considerably less than the total fee.

We are happy to help our patients with their dental insurance and we are totally committed to helping our patients utilize their maximum benefits. Our insurance department will happily assist our patients in preparing the necessary forms for this important benefit.

Patients are reminded that their insurance policy is an agreement between them and their insurance company; and, not between the insurance company and this office. The office can make no guarantee of any estimated coverage and patients need to realize they will always be responsible for their total obligation should their insurance benefits result in less coverage than anticipated.

For our patients with dental coverage we are happy to explain insurance coverage in general and our office policies specifically.


Questions - Comments - Suggestions

Should you have questions about any aspect of dental disease or treatment, or,
have a specific problem or treatment need, contact us at:
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